Production - YEN NAN ISO-9001

YEN NAN produced sheets according to strict SOP guidelines.

Manufacture Process of Casting Acrylic Sheets

1. Syrup Preparation
Put in the additional ingredients in the Virgin MMA. (such as hardener, mold release agents, UV properties, pigments etc.)

2. Assembly
Pumped the Syrup into a mold made from two sheets of glass. A PVC robber is put between these two glass molds to ensure that the syrup won't flow out from the mold. The PVC robber also helps to control the thickness of the sheets that are being produced. By using clamps to hold these two glass mold together.

3. Curing
The mold / monomer is then submerged in warm water and the process of solidification / polymerization takes place.

4. Quality checking
Inspect the thickness, weight, impurity, hardness, color of every single acrylic sheet.

5. Warehouse
Sheets Cover with Protection Paper, Cutting Service.

Production Process

Package for Exporting Sheets

Types of Protection Paper

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