Raw Material

With over 40 years outstanding experience, well implementation on quality control based on ISO standard, Yen Nan has become distinguished acrylic sheet manufacturer in Asia.

Raw Material

Kaohsiung Monomer Company Ltd (KMC), located in Ta She Petrochemical Park, Kaohsiung, is a joint venture between the Lucite International and China Petrochemical Development Corporation for the manufacture and sales of MMA monomer.

Our raw material supplier - KMC, has acquired both ISO 9001 accreditation & ISO 14001 accreditation.

We use only virgin MMA which with the high quality ingredient.

Comparison Between Pure Acrylic Sheet and Recycle Acrylic Sheet

Pure Acrylic SheetRecycled Acrylic Sheet
Excellent UV resistance, not easy yellowing.Poor UV resistance, easy yellowing, fading, cracking.
Light transmittance > 92%.Light transmittance < 80%.
After the heating process generates no odor.After the heating process will aggravate  yellowing, and irritating odor.
Anti-cracking and excellent chemical resistance. Poor  chemicals resistance and easy to crack.
Great weatherability.Poor weatherablilty.

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