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Acrylic is a plastic material that looks similar to glass, but is less brittle and provides better insulation. There are three techniques to produce acrylic sheets: extruded, continuous cast acrylic, and cast acrylic.
Extruded acrylic is less expensive than cast acrylic, is softer, and can scratch easier. Our casting acrylic sheet has the advantage of a high molecular weight and high transparency.

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Cast Acrylic Sheet - Cast Acrylic Sheet (GP)、Plexiglass、PMMA

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is derived from English acrylic (acrylic plastic), and its chemical...

Acrylic PIPE, ROD - Extruded Acrylic Pipe / Rod

Acrylic PIPE, ROD

Extruded Acrylic PIPE & Rod is unaffected by sunlight, resist aging, and maintains good stability under...

PMMA Extrusion sheet - PMMA Extrusion sheet

PMMA Extrusion sheet

PMMA Extrusion Sheet is produced by using optical grade PMMA material. Sheets are extruded inside a class...

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Cut-to-Size Square Acrylic Pipes & Rods Manufacturer | YEN NAN

Located in Taiwan since 1987, Yen Nan Acrylic Co., Ltd. has been a cast acrylic sheets manufacturer. Their acrylic sheets and tubes include cast acrylic sheets, clear plexiglass, transparent acrylic sheets, thick gauge acrylic sheet, acrylic shields and plastic polymer materials, which are sold worldwide with ISO certification.

YEN NAN has been a leading manufacturer of cast acrylic sheets since 1987, providing high-quality Cast Acrylic Sheet, Plexiglass, Transparency Acrylic, and Thick Gauge Acrylic in various sizes to meet our customers' specific needs. YEN NAN's cast acrylic sheets production process adheres to ISO standards to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction. With more than 40 years Acrylic Sheets Manufacture, YEN NAN is specialized in Casting Acrylic Sheet, Rainbow Sheet, Virgin MMA, Diffusion Sheets, PMMA Sheets, Acrylic Shields, Plastic Polymer Material.

YEN NAN has been offering customers high-quality casting acrylic sheets, both with advanced technology and 36 years of experience, YEN NAN ensures each customer's demands are met.