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YEN NAN ISO-9001 | With over 40 years of experience in casting acrylic sheets and an unwavering commitment to quality control, YEN NAN has risen to prominence as a leading acrylic sheet manufacturer in Asia.



Since 2003, Yen Nan has been certified with ISO 9001:2000, serving as our cornerstone for delivering stable and high-quality materials.

Manufacture Process of Casting Acrylic Sheets

1. Syrup Preparation
Blend additional ingredients into Virgin MMA, including hardener, mold release agents, UV properties, pigments, etc.

2. Assembly
Pump the syrup into a mold created from two glass sheets, separated by a PVC rubber seal to contain the syrup and control sheet thickness. Secure the glass mold with clamps.

3. Curing
Submerge the mold/monomer in warm water to initiate solidification/polymerization.

4. Quality checking
Thoroughly examine each acrylic sheet for thickness, weight, impurities, hardness, and color.

5. Warehouse
Cover sheets with protective paper and offer cutting services.

Production Process
Package for Exporting Sheets
Types of Protection Paper

Production | Taiwan Fluorescent & Clear Extrusion Sheet Manufacturer | YEN NAN

Located in Taiwan since 1987, Yen Nan Acrylic Co., Ltd. has been a cast acrylic sheets manufacturer. Their acrylic sheets and tubes include, cast acrylic sheets, clear plexiglass, transparent acrylic sheets, thick gauge acrylic sheet, acrylic shields and plastic polymer materials, which are sold worldwide with ISO certification.

YEN NAN has been a leading manufacturer of cast acrylic sheets since 1987, providing high-quality Cast Acrylic Sheet, Plexiglass, Transparency Acrylic, and Thick Gauge Acrylic in various sizes to meet our customers' specific needs. YEN NAN's cast acrylic sheets production process adheres to ISO standards to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction. With more than 40 years Acrylic Sheets Manufacture, YEN NAN is specialized in Casting Acrylic Sheet, Rainbow Sheet, Virgin MMA, Diffusion Sheets, PMMA Sheets, Acrylic Shields, Plastic Polymer Material.

YEN NAN has been offering customers high-quality casting acrylic sheets, both with advanced technology and 36 years of experience, YEN NAN ensures each customer's demands are met.