2D Barcode Label

With over 40 years outstanding experience, well implementation on quality control based on ISO standard, Yen Nan has become distinguished acrylic sheet manufacturer in Asia.

2D Barcode Label

Yen Nan introduces the 2D barcode labeling system. The 2D barcode label provides following production information: Virgin MMA source, Color, Thickness, Size, Batch No, and Manufacture Date. Convenient for customers to identify sheets are made of 100% virgin MMA and to track back the production information.


  • Combine 2D barcodes and manufacturer logos together as a common brand of quality cast acrylic sheets of Taiwan.
  • Build a common database for efficient logistic management and customer relationship management.
  • Set up common discipline for the group of cast acrylic sheet manufacturers in Taiwan for a high class product image.
2D Barcode Label

YEN NAN Introduction

Yen Nan Acrylic Co., Ltd. is an acrylic sheet supplier and manufacturer from Taiwan. They have been supplying acrylic sheets in Plastic Products Industry since 1987. Their acrylic sheet product includes Casting Acrylic Sheet, Rainbow Sheet, Virgin MMA, Diffusion Sheets, PMMA Sheets, Pipe & Rod, Aquarium. YEN NAN has been offering our customers high quality production services. With both advanced technology and 29 years' experience, YEN NAN always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.